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Jimmy The Dog splits!! (but not as you might think)

No we haven't split up! OK, this whole COVID-19 pandemic means we've lost all our gigs, including a prestigious one supporting Dr. Feelgood, which would have been today, but that's not it either! No, what I've done is split the website into two. Why? Well, Jimmy The Dog as a live act has become something very different to what it started out as.

Originally, it was the stage name I used as a singer-songwriter and always has been the recording artist name I've used. However as opportunities came along with live work and I took them, the live act went from being a solo acoustic set doing mainly Americana and American Rock in pubs and small festivals to a 4-piece blues band playing a major festival to a duo, with Neil and myself performing at festivals, private parties and pubs mainly playing country swing, jump jive blues and Chicago blues originals and covers.

In the interests of preventing confusion, I decided to split the old website into two; which deals with my recorded original work and which deals with Neil and I doing our live duo thing, two diverging styles. They both have different looks too.

You may ask, wouldn't it have been easier to call yourselves, the live act, by another name? Yes, I'm sure it would, but we decided that Jimmy The Dog was a name that accurately reflected the kind of music we played live as a duo. Actually it would have better for me to change the name of my act but for the fact that I'd already released four albums in iTunes and loads of other online stores and was about the release a fifth.

So Jimmy The Dog would have to have a split personality, at least website-wise. For my recorded works, go to For the live act, this site, the one this blog belongs to, has been renamed

See, all makes perfect sense. Mmm, yeah?

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